My Home Base: The JREF Forum's Record on Lockerbie

"My JREF crew" and our Investigation so Far
June 24 2010
last update July 25

Some of my more dazzled readers might be wondering how I got so informed on the Lockerbie bombing, case, and controversies. I first learned about it in detail only late last year, at the discussion forum of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). I had joined the infamous community of skeptics in 2007 to get a better grip on some aspects of the 9/11 attacks and test my own half-informed hunches. I stopped arguing much about 9/11 after that, but as a “conspiracy theorist” at heart, I’ve decided to remain an outsider there, promoting a little more paranoia for the rationalists and a lot more rationalism for the paranoids.

Member Rolfe had been running a slow-moving discussion thread, for about as long as I was there, on questions over al Megrahi’s guilt for the crime. I had pretty much ignored it in my shifting but narrow focus, but after al Megrahi was released in August, the controversy spurred me to start reading Rolfe’s thread. I couldn’t even have named the “convicted Lockerbie bomber” at first, if not for it being in the title I’d seen bumped occasionally for two years. I did know there was doubt of that guy’s guilt, and there was a conspiracy theory about CIA drug operations in Germany that I was curious about – was it something to promote or terminate? What did happen with Flight 103 and the aftermath?

I was rather amazed at how shoddy the official case really was, and at the sheer number of questions presented. As usual, a closer look relegates some “clues’ to the disinfo/distraction pile but what remains after this, washed up and put back together, fairly shines with plausibility and reasons to keep it covered up. I’ve personally never seen such a rotten edifice of a big lie just waiting to be kicked over.

With Rolfe’s help, I got up to speed and shot on ahead with the details by year’s end. I can say it was as soon as there were two of us dedicated to the issue that critical mass was reached at that forum. Several other members got involved in earnest, new threads were started for specific issues. I scored a copy of the full trial transcripts and soon we were all analyzing that for clues (and some false starts), comparing with other sources – websites, books, videos…. Some members, (notably Buncrana) joined the JREF forum just to be in our growing discussions (and he’s helped immensely).

By now I think the three of us – Rolfe, Buncrana, and myself (as Caustic Logic) - are pretty much world class on the issue. Among the members who’ve benefitted by reading along, some of those who stand out for actually contributing in a meaningful way are: Glenn B, Ambrosia, Dan O., Architect, Snidely Whiplash, Jaggy Bunnet, Rat, Spitfire IX, Command Line Gamer, Professor Yaffle, and (in their own ways) Longtabber PE and McHrozni, plus many others I can't remember.

Collectively (not to put words in anyone's mouth), we pretty much agree on the following basics:
1) Megrahi didn't do it, and was actively framed (not just a mix-up). He wasn't a "patsy," and no Libyans were involved.
2) The true perps are, essentially, the Syrian-based PFLP-GC on behalf of Iran. The motive was of course the criminal destruction of Iran Air Flight 655. That's a good grievance and a good motive.
3) The bomb was of the altimeter style attributed to Marwan Khreesat. We aren't agreed if it was one of his or a copy made by Abu Elias (I lean to the latter)
4) The bomb was introduced at Heathrow airport in London, NOT, as universally claimed by CTists in the past, at Frankfurt. Juval Aviv style claims (the "drug swap theory") of an intro there via a CIA-protected heroin smuggling op, have been nothing short of a huge distraction. 9/11 is far from unique that way, I've found.
5) For a variety of reasons we still debate, the US and UK were embarrassed enough of the truths above (plus other points, like supposed allied agents being involved) that they concocted the entire Libyan guilt storyline and at least some of the evidence that supports it.
6) The timer fragment PT/35(b) is highly suspect of being planted.
7) The radio manual cover PK/689 is even more suspect.
8) The pivotal Frankfurt/Erac printout is dubious in a way that's been under-reported so far.
9) Etc!

Most of those who entered the discussion to “debunk” us failed and walked away after one post, never admitting defeat. Most members have stayed out of the discussion entirely, but there has been surprising amount of sporadic support from other members. At one point I declared, and no one challenged it, that the JREF forum take on Lockerbie, collectively, is that the official story is false, and Megrahi did not do it. Officially of course “the forum” holds no opinion, but the actual discussion points that way every time.

The following are liks to most of the relevant threads, mostly in the "Conspiracy Theories" sub-forum. There are some started by Rolfe in other sub-forums, and threads started by other that wound up with worthwhile comments, usually by Rolfe. I'll see about gathering those links as well. In fact, here's all threads tagged Megrahi and Lockerbie Bombing and Pan Am 103. The best and a couple others, in roughly chronologival order.

General Thread, (started 2007).
MST-13 timer fragment thread
Unaccompanied bag from Malta - evidence?
Tony Gauci and the Mystery shopper
Dialog on Lockerbie Theories
Motive Behind the Lockerbie Bombing
Identification of the Toshiba radio from PA103
Lockerbie: London Origin Theory

- Where in the World is Abu Elias?
Lockerbie Bomber Alive after 9 Months
(this one is huge, current, very informative (later on) and outside the CT forum, which is itself important)
- Lockerbie Appeal Documents to Remain Secret

Having achieved so much there, I felt the need to spread out elsewhere. For one, I joined the “US Politics” forum, where I won a bet that ”you cannot discuss Megrahi’s actual innocence in US Politics.” You can do a monologue, but it’s not the same. Trying to comment on a MSNBC article led me to start a “column” at Newsvine that I’m starting to like. I’m not sure how many views it’s getting, but it looks pretty slick.

And most recently by a fluke I was invited to a phone chat with Jeff Hill, semi-famous “9/11 Truth” phone activist, to discuss the Pentagon flyover theory and its proponents (a previous investigative obsession of mine). Along the way, I wound up taking “Lockerbie Truth” to Hill’s Pumpitout forum. It garnered me about a dozen new American viewers, and nearly as many Canadians, for a nice little boost nearer to home.

But along with some extra work and other obligations recently, the blog is slowing down for content, and my end of the ongoing JREF discussions has suffered. I think they’ll need to continue suffering, relatively. It’s been a workshop and mental gym and home base for me. But I need to get some other stuff done, including filling in some of the blanks at the Lockerbie Divide, working offline in 3D space to get this information before people of influence. Or something. I don’t have that part figured out just yet. Maybe the JREF crew can help me hash that out...


Patrick Haseldine said...

Right. Let's have some answers:

So now we know that Caustic Logic is Adam Larson, but who on earth is Rolfe?

And why does Adam keep referring to Rolfe as his "mentor"?

After all of your (joint) painstaking investigation and dissection of the evidence, who was responsible for sabotaging Pan Am Flight 103?

Why did they decide on that particular flight?

Caustic Logic said...

Rolfe is a person from the South of Scotland. She was the only person at the forum really discussing Lockerbie in an intelligent way. Well, the others who responded were pretty smart, too, mostly, but she led the discussion, and gave me my fist few dozen pointers. I don't know her real name.

I didn't mean to come across too much like an advertisement for the firum, but for this one dicussion its been pretty f'in amazing. Do you still think it's an "occult site?"

You know what we generally believe/suspect. It's in the post above. The plane was chosen probably for some confluence of reasons.

Caustic Logic said...

ETA: Therefore, as always, no need .... I do admire your tenacity, Patrick.