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First posted May 26 2010
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You might have arrived at this page of The Lockerbie Divide due to a tip from a card. These are a set of 12 collectible Lockerbie evidence cards is in its first run of rough copies around Spokane, WA. Later copies will be better-made and distributed more widely. Each card directs back to this post, where the others can be seen and links to further reading can be found. Don't just believe everything you read on a card. Double-check it!

I've redone the backs so they're more readable when copied. Slight text xhanges as well. Will post these someday, not worth it at the moment.

The images below contain links to full-size previews, front and back (new window for best results).
1) Convicted "Lockerbie Bomber" Abdelbaset Ali al Megrahi
Convicted is such a heavy word for something as tenuous as what the judges ruled on. Really. It might sound like a grandiose statement, but one card can only mention that radical idea. To actually show how legal guillt and real innocence truly coexist requires much more in-depth analysis. (Quite a few) posts tagged Megrahi.
2) Accused Bombing Accomplice: Lamin Khalifah Fhimah
His airside assistance was necessary to the plot, and was the yin to the yang of the 1991 indictments. But at Zeist in 2000 the same judges that convicted Megrahi found Fhimah to be not guilty.
Posts tagged "Fhimah LK"

3) Star Witness "Abdul Majid Giaka"
Main source of "evidence" against both accused. His bogus testimony sealed the deal for indictments in 1991. He was dismissed as a fraud at the Zeist trial, which inexplicably continued.
Posts labeled "Giaka AM"

4) Back-Up Star Wintness: Anthony "Tony" Gauci
After the failure of Giaka's testimony, the "real start witness" became Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci. For the low sum of $2 million and a fresh start in Australia he allowed the prosecution to reinterpret his evidence to make it seem Megrahi had bought the clothing inside the bomb suitcase.
Main post on Gauci's "identification" of Megrahi

5) PFLP-GC Bombmkaer: Marwan Khreesat
Jordanian intel agent and bomb maker for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, General Command. First officially thought to have built the PA103 bomb.
Double agent? Triple agent? Framed?
Dedicated Khreesat post

6) True Lockerbie Bomber? "Abu Elias"

Posts labeled Abu Elias

7) The Frankfurt Printout

Posts labeled Frankfurt Airport and Erac B

8) The Bedford Suitcases

Dedicated post: The Bedford Suitcase(s)

9) Libyan timer fragment: PT/35(b)
Posts labeled PT/35(b)
10) The Horton Fragment: PK/689
Alleged cover of the paper users manual proving the model of radio the bomb was hidden in. Paper, Semtex-H, a few inches. Does not compute. Posts labeled PK/689.

11) The Dead: 270 Questions Why
“I for one am delighted that a man I now consider innocent because of the evidence I was allowed to hear at Zeist [the 2000 trial] is at home with his family at last.” – Dr. Jim Swire, father of victim Flora Swire, on Megrahi’s release in 2009. “The truth has not come out. I think the investigation found what it was told to find. I don't think it had any option." - Martin Cadman. Father of PA103 victim William Cadman, Conspiracy Files, 2008

12) A Hero's Welcome in Tripoli: Megrahi's Release
Was that diagnosis really on the level? It's a valid question. Compassion or self-interest? I wouldn't deny UK access to Libyan oil wasn't a factor. But what about the dropped appeal?
"Emotional Blackmail"

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