Debate Call: "Kaddafi Delenda Est"

July 28 2010

Kaddafi Delenda Est (Latin, Gaddafi must be destroyed) seems so far to be just a yappy little propaganda smear-bot has been spamming numerous Megrahi / Pan Am 103 discussions lately with irrelevant, out-of-context claims of Libyan villainy. In particular, consider his contributions beneath this post at the Washington Post national security blog "Checkpoint Washington." "Black September, Rome/Vienna airport massacres, London embassy shooting, La Belle disco, Pan Am 103, UTA flight 772, PIRA, Abu Nidal, Abu Sayyaf, etc., ad nauseum." And the Bulgarian nurse tortured to confess she was spreading AIDS in Africa (I think). It's like acomputer virus written by Vincent Cannistraro in 1986, with someInternet news-feed add-on.

Once I learned just what exactly the case against Libya for PA103 really was, I became suspicious of the preceding laundry list as well. I haven't looked into any of these other events/allegations, and for all I know some or all of them might be correct. But I'm convinced they were framed for Lockerbie, and to me, the frenzied litany of allegations reads like propaganda written to whip Americans up to keep leveraging Libya and keeping it down until it plays by our rules. KDE does little to change that impression:
"America fought our first overseas war against Tripolitan pirates who used hostage extortion to secure huge annual jizya payments from Western nation treasuries. Kaddafi now has that racket back in business. Are Americans prepared to do anything about it?"

I'll challenge you to debate, Kaddafi Delenda Est, on the relevant issue of the moment: Pan Am 103 - bring me your best evidence how we can know Megrahi is actually guilty of this crime.

Other possible subjects if you're up to it: The Bulgarian Nurse's story - that's disturbing, and I'd like to learn more and see how credible the report is.

And for a fourth aspect, I'll start by addressing you attacks on me and my work here, in case they don't allow my response there.
"Some deluded Leftists still drool over illiterate conspiracy theories-- framing Juval Aziz’s refried nonsense as grounds for yet another specious Megrahi "appeal." [...] Don’t be a Kaddafi clan apologist your whole life, CausticLogic. Sod off, you wanker."

"CausticLogic (aka, Adam Larson) is a 9-11 Troofer conspiracy moron. Please follow Penn Jillette's sage advice to HBO viewers and feel free to throw Adam "down a flight of stairs” without reservation."

This last is in reference to Penn and Teller's advice re: 9/11 neo-Nazi nutter and clown Eric Hufschmid. My main work regarding 9/11 was debunking claims made by people like him. I challenge you, Kaddafi Delende Est to find any support for the inaccurate and misleading slur "9-11 Twoofer moron." Bring the dumbest claim I've made - be it no-planes, space-beams, nano-thermite, whatever. Post it in the comments below, or else retract or clarify what that term means re: me.

And if I get a respectable response for you here, I'll modify my introduction accordingly.

Further responses will start below.

(oh, and I didn't catch your real name?)
postscript: HE didn't show up! His note of excuse at the same page:
"Adam can take his "debate" invitation up with Penn Jillette. Rational folks have no interest in plumbing the depths of depraved minds of troofer morons who indulge in jihadist homicide denial.

Piss off."

Merging my response to this and a really stupid follow-up:
Nice. Penn never called me a moron or told people to push me down stairs. YOU are the one who did and who knows you'd look the fool if you tried to support any of the drivel you post after it was properly challenged. And you claim you're too "rational" to explain yourself. Why is the SCCRC "specious?" Which of their six grounds of miscarriage of justice do you disagree with and how? You have no idea, but I’m sure you’re sure that it's all Euro-Jihadist lies!

Terp Mole / aka Kaddafi Delenda Est's dickless handling of having it pointed out that he doesn't know what he's talking about seems to be part of a pattern. No comprehension of the real world plus tea-bag delusions leads to the brilliant and o so original conclusion that President Obama is on the side of terrorists trying to destroy America. We "need to know" the answer to that before we can be confident, you never will "know" that, because you are the king of never finding out what you don't want to know.

And now you go on ignore as the worthless waste you are.


Caustic Logic said...

KDE: "...grounds for yet another specious Megrahi "appeal.""

Megrahi's appeal was not specious and needs no quote marks. It was real, and ordered by the Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission, who found - conservatively - six grounds of a possible miscarriage of justice. The four of these they publicized dealt with Megrahi's "identification" as the buyer of clothes packed with the bomb. This never happened. Megrahi resembled the man to some extent, said Mr. Gauci, who was trying to collect a $2 million prize he could only claim upon conviction. His smarter brother was helping him say the right things, and received $1 million for being such an "asset to the case." Without this testimony, there would have been no direct evidence connecting Megrahi to the bomb, and he'd be sent home with Fhimah, his NOT GUILTY "accomplice."

Megrahi is on record as believing in this appeal, and wanting badly to clear his name in the courts and go home innocent. Yet when he mysteriously dropped the appeal just before release, mumbling about an "appalling choice," it's just a side-note over here - an admission of guilt, surely, say those to whom everything proves Megrahi's guilt.

Eddie said...

Adam, it's the troll I know better as "Terp Mole". Do a search. It's obviously decided on a slight alteration due to the fact it knows it looks a complete fooll for all the years it was batting on about Megrahi's guilt. Also a required and valued contributor to that wee blog nobody has heard of renowned for it's balanced FauxNews-like reporting of issues, "Little Green Footballs".

Caustic Logic said...

Awesome, thanks. Love the use of "it." Will look into that after some sleep. Terp, looking forward.