Leaked Documents Reveal Gory Details of Megrahi Release Decision

August 1 2010
update Aug 3

A small vanguard of US Senators have been pursuing/demanding an investigation into the early release nearly one year ago of "Lockerbie bomber" Abdelbaset ali al-Megrahi from a Scottish prison. At first the probe was to be into the role of vilified oil company BP in the release. But after no one agreed to show up, and the Senators realized that limited scope wouldn't take them far at all, they decided on a wider probe into the full body of little-understood circumstances surrounding the release. (Except for Megrahi's appeal - see below)

The details of any inquiry or discussion are still being discussed, but in the meantime, anyone who has an interest in this much derided decision might want to look at the classified Scottish Government documents:
The highly revealing reports were leaked by the Scottish government to the Scottish government website nearly one year ago. They reveal the shadowy machinations that led to what might just be a miscarriage of justice surrounding the release of this legally guilty, schedule one terrorist.

This amazing resource has some lines of blue lettering in the middle area, which are actually links to whole subsets of the unnecessarily convoluted decision. Much of it is in PDF format - raw government reports with few redactions. Most of what's blacked out is certain names that weren't agreed, and things the U.S. government said in the run-up to Megrahi's release.

The compassionate release decision is explained, including a medical report (overview - no scientific stuff). The history, legality, and philosophy of compassionate release is explained - it wasn't invented for Megrahi. There's the PTA track (Prisoner Transfer Agreement), as lodged by Libya, lobbied by BP, green-lighted by the UK, opposed in Scotland, and finally - at the very last minute after it had apparently slain an appeal - rejected by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill. Both of the possible release/repatriation schemes are explained in detailed documents of the advice rendered to the secretary.

"Representations" to Mr. MacAskill, connected to the PTA process, are collected in another document. Families of Pan Am 103 victims weighed in against the transfer idea, Libyans and UK for. Mr. Megrahi's misunderstood meeting with MacAskill on August 6 is recorded in abstract, and the prisoner's 3-page note is included, ptotesting his innocence and dismay at his stalled appeal process and impending (ish) death. He was told if the PTA went ahead, which it couldn't and wouldn't, but which he implied it might, Megrahi's appeal would have to be surrendered.

If a new meeting to understand all of this is to go ahead, the Senators (who have their own brains plus research staffs) could first establish which questions have already been answered, narrow down the rest, and clarify all accordingly. Instead, we've seen insistent calls to 'get over here and explain this.' Much information was already sent to the Senators and only just yesterday did they finally say:
"Mr Menendez and Mr Lautenberg have pledged to carry out a thorough review of all documents already made public by the UK and Scottish governments..." link
That is soon they'll see if any of their questions were already answered in the informative documents they were sent a while back.

If the Senators are just alittle slow and not downright impaired, once it's all clear enough they will come around to the Scottish view. Then they can hopefully finally explain this to the American public, and much of the anger and confusion will dissipate. But even in this best-case scenario, I predict any such hearing will prove a farce. Both sides in this (Scottish and American, as it will come down) agree on concealing the biggest pachyderm in the living room - Megrahi's dropped appeal, the explosive information contained within it, and the deliberate framing of Libya suggested by that information.

But whatever the outcome, I suggest to all relevant parties on Great Britain that it might be best to go to the angry Americans, let them come to you, whatever works, and talk it out. Answer all their questions, be sure to explain everything relevant at one point or another. Be thorough, take time of your own to make sure they've heard allyou have to say. In fact, be chatty - have some coffee. Show respect of course, but some gentle dersision is in order here, and holding it back would be awkward.

And then just MAYBE they won't come a-knocking again a few weeks off, eight days after some quack reports that Megrahi will be "dead within a week." Best of luck.


Michael Follon said...

Just a little snippet from today's edition of Scotland on Sunday. In an online poll the following question was asked -

Should Kenny MacAskill have agreed to appear before the US Senate investigation on Lockerbie?

Yes - 8%, No - 92%.

ebol said...

(sorry only in german language)

Zu untersuchen auf welche Art und Weise Mr. Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, durch den Secretary of Justice Kenny MacAskill, seine Freiheit erlangte und die Rückkehr nach Libyen ermöglicht wurde, ist sinnlos und reziprok; da Al Megrahi mit grosser Wahrscheinlichkeit durch ein Miscarriage of Justice in 6 Punkten, unschuldig über 8 Jahre als "politischer Häftling", in schottischen Gefängnissen eingesperrt war und somit eine sofortige Freilassung und Rückkehr in sein Heimatland aus Gerechtigkeit längst überfällig war !

Von zuverlässiger Seite ist bekannt, dass ein westlicher 'Intelligence Service' aus speziefischen Gründen wusste, dass Al-Megrahi zusammen mit Edwin Bollier (MEBO) von einem "Residenten, XY" (Name bekannt) am 20.Dezember 1988, mit AirMalta Flug KM-231 nach Malta gebucht wurde.
Nach Aussage von Politik-Correspondent Ian Fergusson wusste Al- Megrahi nicht, dass Ed. Bollier auf den gleichen AirMalta Flug KM-231 am gleichen Tag gebucht war...

Da Bollier mit einem Swissair Flug direkt von Tripoli nach Zürich reisen konnte, war Al- Megrahi alleine gegen 18:00 Uhr in Malta unter einem code Namen, als "Ahmed Khalifa Abdusamad" eingereist und bis zur Rückreise nach Tripoli, am 21. Dezember 1988, von "Libya Defektor" und CIA Agent Giaka, Abdul al Mgjid (alias "Puzzlepiece"), observiert worden...
Welche Rolle sollte Ed. Bollier in Malta zugeteilt werden um die Malta-Lüge zu perfektionieren ?

Die vorgelegten Observations Ergebnisse ergaben keine Beweise, dass Al Megrahi etwas mit einem angeblichen einschleusen eines "Bomb-Bag" auf AirMalta, Flug KM-180, zutun hatte;
weil unter anderem kein unbekanntes Gepäckstück via Airport Frankfurt (FRA) auf den PanAm Zubringer-Flug PA-103/B nach London-Heathrow (LHR) auf PanAm "Main Flight" PA-103 transferiert wurde !

Darum ist es höchste Zeit, First Minister Alex Salmond und Secretary of Justice Kenny MacAskill, die unter Verschluss gehaltenen Dokumente der Scottish Criminal Cases Reapeal Commission (SCCRC) sofort zu öffnen um die "Lockerbie-Affäre" gegen Libya und Al-Megrahi zu beenden.

Erst nach dem Abschluss dieser "SAGA" können die wahren Verantwortlichen für das PanAm-103 Attentat bestimmt und verurteilt werden...

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland
URL: www.lockerbie.ch
e-mai: mahnaz@bluewin.ch

Caustic Logic said...

record speed to amass two comments. Eastern hemisphere, huh?

92%. I get it. I agree. And over here we're not 92% "those stonewalling bastards!" Not quite anyway. Stupid people get confused and angry easily. They require a little extra patience. USA = stupid people, put bluntly and of course grossly generalized.

I almost forget I'm one of them, technicaly.

Mr. Bolleir semi-translated, again on a post where I'm not suggesting bad things about him:
To examine in which way Mr. Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi, by which Secretary OF Justice Kenny MacAskill, its freedom attained and the return to Libya was made possible, is senseless and reciprocal; there Al Megrahi in all probability by a Miscarriage OF Justice in 6 points, innocently over 8 years as " political Häftling" , in Scottish prisons and thus an immediate release and return to its homeland from justice were locked up were long overdue! From reliable side it is well-known that a western ' Intelligence Service' for speziefischen reasons it knew that Al-Megrahi as well as Edwin Bollier (MEBO) of one " Resident one, XY" (Name admits) on 20-December 1988, with air Malta flight KM-231 to Malta was booked. According to statement of politics Correspondent Ian Fergusson did not know aluminum Megrahi that OD. Bollier on same air Malta flight KM-231 was booked on the same day… Since Bollier could travel with a Swissair flight directly from Tripoli to Zurich, aluminum was Megrahi alone against 18:00 clock in Malta under a code name, as if " Ahmed Khalifa Abdusamad" entered and up to the return journey after Tripoli, on 21 December 1988, of " Libya Defektor" and CIA agent Giaka, Abdul Al Mgjid (alias " Puzzlepiece"), observed… Which role should OD. To perfect Bollier in Malta to be assigned around the Malta lie? The submitted Observations of results did not result in proofs that Al Megrahi transfer something with an alleged one " Bomb Bag" on air Malta, add flight KM-180 had; because among other things no unknown luggage item via airport Frankfurt (FRA) on the PanAm feeder flight PA-103/B after London Heathrow (LHR) on PanAm " Main Flight" PA-103 was transferred! Therefore it is high time, roofridge Minister Alex Salmond and Secretary OF Justice Kenny MacAskill, which " under catch of documents held of the Scottish Criminal Cases Reapeal Commission (SCCRC) to open immediately around; Lockerbie Affäre" to terminate against Libya and Al-Megrahi. Only after the conclusion this " SAGA" can the true responsible persons for the PanAm-103 assassination attempt be intended and condemned…

Caustic Logic said...

"Only after the conclusion this " SAGA" can the true responsible persons for the PanAm-103 assassination attempt be intended and condemned…"

Mr. Bollier, I'm curious - just who do you think are the most likely peope(by name or organization) to have actually done the bombing. If not Megrahi/Libyam then whom?Idon't theink I've ever hears you say much about that.

ebol said...

MISSION LOCKERBIE: attn. caustic logic

It is not our final goal to find the real criminals behind the Lockerbie tragedy. These extremely difficult investigations have to be executed by the official investigation authorities of the involved countries, mainly the Federal aviation association (FAA), the German Bureau of criminal investigation (BKA), the FBI and the Scottish Police.

The true terrorists behind the Lockerbie-Affair were not yet prosecuted because of capital errors of investigation and politically motivated, secret intrigues.

Our first concern is to reverse the wrong trial against the Libyan official Abdelbaset al Megrahi and reestablish the honour of Libya. MEBO LTD and myself have obviously been misused by the English Justice and Lord Advocate Colin Boyd to construct a wrong link from Lockerbie to Libya.
America and Great Britain have indicted on the 13th and 14th of November 1991 the two Libyan citicens Lamin Khalifah Fhimah and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi for being responsible of the explosion of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie.

Furthermore Pan American World Airways Inc. deposed a plaint for compensation of US$ 32 millions + 5% interest against MEBO LTD for total destruction of the Boeing 747.

This claim brought MEBO LTD near to ruin and was a heavy weight on us. We had only one chance: to prove that the shown MST-13 timer fragment was a manipulated piece of evidence.
During our investigations further manipulated proofs showed up against al-Megrahi and Libya...

by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland

Caustic Logic said...

How can you write in fine English sometimes but not others? I couldn't possibly render that in proper German. Anyway...

One good way to convince people something they believe isn't true is to provide a plausible alternate. Do you specifically reject the widely-accepted PFLP-GC acting via London theory? Or just not go into it?

I admit I'm not familiar with legal actions against you and the company. That could motivate someone to show the evidence linking them was fabricated.

The worst evidence I've seen for a fabricated PT/35(b) is on Mebocom pages, where blue-green = brown. The best evidence for it is in a BBC documentary. Dr. Wyatt finds this chunk is just too amazingly large to have been in the explosion at all. Well, he wasn't quite that absolute, but that's the concept. 20 tests, using lower explosives amounts and in some cases at least a larger radio than alleged. And stillall his results had much smaller residue than the alleged PA103 bomb radio.

If I recall correctly, you specifically reject that claim, don't you? Your timers do survive in large 1cm chunks after 450 or more grams of Semtex-H 1.5 inches away?

Caustic Logic said...

sorry, at the end, that's not a specific claim you've made (450grams, 1.5"). But you're not convinced by Wyatt, based on past experience of large fragments, correct?

ebol said...

MISSION LOCKERBIE, attn. caustic logic:

You recall is correctly, I specifically reject that claim from Wyatt
All circuit board from radiorecorder and timers etc. do survive in large 1cm and more largely chunks after 450 or more grams of Semtex-H 1.5 inches away.

sorry, the next column in german language:

Wir, Me--Bo, haben das original MST-13 Timerfragment von Swiss Police (Anfang 1990) erstmals auf einer FBI- Polaroid-Foto gesehen, bevor es in zwei Teile getrennt wurde. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt haben wir durch technische Merkmale, bemerkt, dass das Circuit Board von einem Prototype PC-Board abstammte, welches nie mit einem Relais bestückt war ! Durch die technischen Merkmale kann abgeleitet werden, dass das "carbonize" Circuit Board ursprünglich eine braune Farbe hatte.

Nach der Trennung des MST-13 Timer-Fragments in zwei Teile bei Siemens AG in Germany am 27. April 1990 wurden uns die beiden Fragmente, Ende 1990 auf Polizeifotos von Scottish Police gezeigt.
Zu diesem Zeitpunkt entsprach das grössere Teilfragment der Abbildung der zuvor gezeigten FBI Foto. Man sah deutlich, dass kein Relais auf dem Stützpunkt angelötet war. Das kleine stark "carbonize" Fragment entsprach ebenfalls der gesamt Abbildung auf der FBI Foto. (braune Farbe)

Bei Besuchen Anfang 1991 bei FBI in Washington und bei Scottish Police in Scotland wurden mir die verlangten beiden original Fragmente PT/35(b) und DP/31(a) nicht gezeigt, nur Abbildungen auf Polizei Fotos.

Ab 13. September 1999 konnte ich in der Polizeistation in Dumfries bei Procurator Mirian Watson die beiden angeblichen original Fragmente begutachten.

Das grössere Fragment hatte die Bezeichnung PT/35(b) und stammte von einem "grünen" MST-13 Timer ab. Solche Circuit Bords waren in den nach Libyen gelieferten MST-13 Timer eingebaut worden..
Dieses Fragment PT/35(b) entsprach nicht der ersten Abbildung der FBI Foto und hatte eine Lötstelle eventuell von einem angelöteten Relais ?.

Das stark "carbonize" kleinere Fragment hatte die Bezeichnung DP/31(a) und entsprach der Abbildung auf der FBI Foto und war ein Teil des Originals und stammte somit von einem Prototype mit brauner Farbe ab !

Für mich, Edwin Bollier ist klar, das grössere Fragment PT/35(b) wurde ausgetauscht, es handelte sich um ein Duplikat. Daraus kann abgeleitet werden, dass zuvor das original Fragment die Bezeichnung PT/35(a) hatte !
Um Libya in die Lockerbie-Tragödie zu verwickeln brauchte man ein "grünes" circuit Board.
NB: The FBI professional Polaroid photo by Swiss police, until today disappeared...

by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland