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"A Little Bit Like Exactly" Like a Non-Identification
December 13 2010

last update 15 December

I'm just wrapping up a video on Tony Gauci's evidence in toto. Including credits, it's about 12 minutes, split in two halves on Youtube, embedded below.

Part One:

Introduces the relevance of Mr. Gauci, the physical discrepancies between his buyer and Megrahi, and the date of purchase issue. Some pretty damning stuff.

Part two:

The actual identification session, Gauci's other IDs, his amazing fudging of all discrepant points at trial, the $3 million plus paid out to the Gauci brothers following the verdict, the SCCRC's findings, second appeal, conclusion, and credits.

This production is a little rushed. I didn't re-do the narration enough times, adjust all the levels, make the best slides or animations. I thought I could rush this through in time for the Dec 7 anniversary of the alleged sale to Megrahi, but the assembly and rendering process didn't agree. Then I just wanted it done by Monday (today), and only managed to meet that deadline with part one.

Anyone who'd like to see more of the information this is based on, all my blog posts about Tony Gauci's evidence are at one or both of the links Tony Gauci's "Identification" of Megrahi and all posts tagged Gauci T.


Jo G said...

Your efforts are appreciated Adam.

Caustic Logic said...

So are your comments, Jo!

Apologies for the delay in response and in getting the rest of it up. It was all glitches. I have to run now...

ebol said...

Attn. Gaustic Logic Agency

Gratulation für Ihre grossartiges Video Setting von Gauci--Al Megrahi. Ergänzend zu Ermittlungen von MEBO, publizieren wir demnächst, unter " SOLSTICE", die Aktion von "Mission Amsterdam (b)" (die Zeit nach dem Air-Crash von PanAm 103 am 21. Dezember, 1988).
Google translation:

Congratulations for your great video setting of Gauci - Al Megrahi. In addition to investigations of MEBO, we will publish soon, under 'SOLSTICE', the action of "Mission Amsterdam (b)". (the time after the air crash of Pan Am 103 on December 21, 1988)

by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland. URL:

ebol said...

'MISSION AMSTERDAM/2', die Zeit nachdem Crash von PanAm 103...

Tage nach dem Absturz der PanAm 103, musste gestützt auf Indizien, der "Counterman" von "Mission Amsterdam" (BH), durch seinen Verbindungsmann andeutungsweise unterrichtet worden sein, dass der Absturz der Boeing 747 über Lockerbie, mit seinem subversiven Auftrag (MST-13 Timer Bestellung/Ablieferung-- MEBO/Bollier-- Reise Zürich--Tripoli-.(Malta)--Zürich) in Zusammenhang stehen könnte !
"BH" konnte von (Edwin Bollier) nach intensiver Suche in Zürich nicht gefunden werden; stattdessen besuchte am Jahresende 1988, ein gut informierter Unbekannter (vermutlicher Agent einer Intelligence Agency) Edwin Bollier, bei MEBO Ltd. in Zürich.

Google translation:

'MISSION AMSTERDAM /2', time after crash of Pan Am 103 ..

Days after the crash of Pan Am 103, had based on circumstantial evidence, the "Counterman" from "Mission Amsterdam" (BH), he has been informed by his liaison hint that the crash of the Boeing 747 over Lockerbie, with its subversive Order (MST 13 timer order/delivery-- MEBO/Bollier-- Travel Zurich -. Tripoli (Malta) - Zurich) are related could!
"BH" could not be found by (Edwin Bollier) after an intensive search in Zurich and instead visited at the end of 1988, a well-informed Unknown (presumed agent of an Intelligence Agency), Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd at. in Zurich.

More information soon, on URL:
by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland


ebol said...

MISSION LOCKERBIE: Doc. no. 1009.rtf. 14.12. 2010

"SOLSTICE", December 2010; Facts in 8 acts:

1) Continued with the *conspiracy of 1986, against the leader of Libya, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (air strike of Libya, code-named Operation El Dorado Canyon) *MISSION AMSTERDAM' followed.

In 1986, Colonel Gaddafi rushed out of their residence in the Bab al Aziziya compound moments before the bombs dropped. Colonel Gaddafi (alias Amsterdam) escaped the assassination.
The air strike killed 45 Libyan soldiers and government officials, and 15 civilians. Colonel Gaddafi escaped injury but his 15-month-old adopted daughter Hanna was killed, and two of his sons were injured.

2) 1988, under the code 'MISSION AMSTERDAM', a second conspiracy of
other kind was started.
The objective was to entangle Libya with Leader Gaddafi in a terrorist attack which to this day (through clarification "SOLSTICE") seems to have almost been achieved with the "PanAm 103 atrocity"...

3) Through an unethical accusation and a trial under "Scottish Law", in the end by means of manipulated circumstantial evidence, the Libyan citizen Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was sentenced to life imprisonment and Libya was
held responsible for the damages of US $2.7 billion.

4) On 28 June 2007 the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
(SCCRC) established a miscarriage of justice on 6 points. Thus Mr Al Megrahi was awarded a new appeal.

5) Through his unreasonable stay, over 9 years in Scottish prisons, Mr Al Megrahi became ill with a life-threatening ailment.
Shortly before the beginning of the appeal his illness (prostate cancer) worsened due to questionable treatment. Al Megrahi was "led to believe" by the prison doctor that he only had 3 months to live!
By means of questionable dealings and promises Al Megrahi was forced to withdraw his promising appeal so that according to Scottish law, he could be rehabilitated and could return to Libya...

6) Different activities and options were activated to once again be able to prove Al Megrahi's innocence through the Scottish Justice. The opening
of the SCCRC documents was prevented further by the blockade in the parliament. The background for this behaviour is today clearly discernible;
the Scottish Justice wants to block the truth in order to prevent the biggest disaster, linked with a double-digit billion US$ indemnity!

7) 23 years after the "Lockerbie Tragedy" it appears that another form of clarification must be employed in order to prove that Mr Al Megrahi and Libya have nothing to do with the PanAm 103 terrorist attack.
The campaign "SOLSTICE" was started for this purpose. Under this term more people are being identified as (WANTED) who were part of Colonel Gaddafi's inner circle in the former conspiracy "MISSION AMSTERDAM"!
For this purpose the hidden background information must also be made public, which shows how it was able to come about that Libya had tobe "sold" to the United Kingdom. The first successes of (WANTED) are already appearing.

8) Justice for Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and for the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.
Mr Abdelbaset and the Libyan people deserve the right to prove that the truth is revealed and that their honour will be fully restored.
Justice for Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and for the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland. URL:

Caustic Logic said...

Sorry only in English.

I've never heard of this "MISSION AMSTERDAM" or "SOLSTICE" anywhere but from you, Herr Bollier. I have no doubt there was such an operation, or at least a trend towards taking Gaddafi down for something big. It was clearly a plan to make that Lockerbie, in effect from an early date I think, that led to the indictments and Camp Zeist. But how do you know these operation's names? Or are these capitalized names just what you call them?

And for anyone reading but unfamiliar with Edwin, here's just one brief quote from some experts in the field of the Lockerbie evidence that suggests an interesting backstory.

“In relation to the first accused, there are three important witnesses, Abdul Majid [Giaka], Edwin Bollier and Tony Gauci.”
- Zeist judges, Opinion of the Court, paragraph [41].

ebol said...

Attn. Gaustic Logic

Die Missions Titel: Mission Lockerbie, Mission SOLSTICE, sind von MEBO kreiert.

Der Operations Aufrag "Amsterdam" wurde Anfang 1988 (vor PanAm 103 Crash) höchst wahrscheinlich von der Command Secret Residentur bestimmt ? Bis heute sind 4 "subversive" Personen bekannt. 3 weitere stehen unter Verdacht, 1 Person könnte z.Z. auf der Flucht sein ?
Die Informationen müssen als erstklassig eingestuft werden.
Detailierte Informationen werden in unserem Buch Titel: "The Truth died in Lockerbie" publiziert.

by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland. URL:

Caustic Logic said...

Okay, so those missions names were Mebo creations, not official names of known operations. That's good.

On the rest, I presume it will make more sense in the book. Which language(s) will that be published in?

Jo G said...

Just viewed Part 2. Again, very well done indeed Adam. Really well put together.

FullInquiry said...

Way to go Adam. You stuck to the compelling facts.

Caustic Logic said...

Thank you, guys. I should mention that I'm open to critical comments as well. I'm hoping to get better at this. Obviously a better narrator would be ideal, for one.

For another, I probably should have tried harder to squeeze in a minute on the photo lineup where Tony pointed to Megrahi. Between the photo quality issue and its undated nature being used to fudge the buyer's age to match Megrahi's, a masterful stroke of dishonesty...

FullInquiry said...

If I had to provide constructive criticism (you asked for it) I would simply advise you to speak more slowly next time. Your voice sounds just fine.

BenSix said...

I've published Paul Foot's report on the Gauci evidence here. Not sure if anything there will be new to seasoned researchers but it's a decent narrative.

Caustic Logic said...

Too true, FI. It's a delicate balance between time and information, and I was even trying to slow down a bit here. I plan to make more videos in the future, so this kind of thought is useful. I'm realizing you just cannot squeeze in the kind of detail I put into a blog post into a video without it just going on and on. I suppose the posts themselves often do that. ...

Caustic Logic said...

Ben Six, your comment was held up as spam. That's a useful re-posting, which I've plugged in my re-bumped Gauci "ID" post. Thx.

Caustic Logic said...

By that I meant to say sorry about that. It happens sometimes, especially with valuable comments.