Evidence Reconsidered: Heathrow Break-In

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A security Guard at heathrow Airport reported a break-in at terminal 3 around 12:30 am on  December 21. 18 hours later, a bomb suitcase was placed on Flight 103 at Terminal 3. Ray Manly's report, of a padlock on the floor "cut like butter" was covered up for over a decade. Even at trial in 2000, the defense was not allowed to know of this. Manly came forward in 2001 with the story, soon verified and forming a key plank of al Megrahi's 2002 appeal (which was denied by a five-judge panel on questionable logic).

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"They told me no one knew…” : Ray Manly and the Heathrow Break-In - general detailed overview.

Consider also the break-in's place within the powerful evidence for a London origin for the Lockerbie bomb, and as addressed in the Appeal Court Dismissal of the London theory.

Evidence for a Security Breach

Official Dismissal of Evidence

Back-Up Arguments Addressed
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