Video: The Conspiracy Files: Lockerbie

"The Conspiracy Files: Lockerbie." Prod/Dir Guy Smith, Ex Prod Sam Anstiss, Narr Caroline Catz. BBC Two. First Aired 31 August 2008.

See also the German sister version of this program co-produced with ZDF. It's quite different in notable ways. No Bogomira...

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Caustic Logic said...

This video is informative in its way, slickly produced, highly watchable. Thier line about Giaka (WD40) is good (44:20 in the video) and politicaly manipulative. There are some awesome lines in there too. One of my favorite bits is this, from the first 30 seconds:
"In the end, it came down as most things do to a simple twist of fate. 600 seconds, that's all that was in it. Had the bomb which destroyed the Pan Am 747 exploded just ten minutes later, the plane would have been over open water, and all the evidence most likely lost at the bottom of the sea. But as it was the bomb blew up over land and ...the investigation turned on one tiny piece of evidence ... this fragment [of a TIMER] was the breakthrough that cracked the case."

So... the timer... was set to "simple twist of fate?"

No, it's not a weird twist, it's an implausible alleged calculation. They used a MST-13 timer and set it to blow up very early in the flight - quite possibly over land - when they had an hours-wide window over the Atlantic. It makes no sense.