Video: Der Anschlag von Lockerbie Mythos und Wahrheit

"Der Anschlag von Lockerbie Mythos und Wahrheit"
(app., Lockerbie Attack:Myth and Truth)
A film by: Jean-Christoph Caron and Guy Smith A co-production of BBC and ZDF.
2008, Der Deutschen Fassung.

German language, obviously. My friend Nennt Mich Einfach Adam! provided a few translations/insights:
At 7:30
- At the airport Frankfurt the BKA (BundesKriminalAmt, the German FBI) found no evidence that a (suspicious) suitcase coming from Malta was introduced (“eingeschleust”).

(This is later repeated as quotation from the final BKA report on Lockerbie.)

- There was a flight from Malta and there was only a fragmented (lückenhafte) documentation of the match of baggage and passengers.

- The Leiter der Internationalen Terror Fahndung des BKA (head of the international terror investigation of the BKA), Manfred Klink, says: “There was a possibility that – possibly – here I want to be very cautious – possibly there was a suitcase that went through to the PanAm 103.”

- There were feeder flights for PA 103 not only from Malta but from 12 more airports.

At 8:55 to 9:55

- International flight security expert Siegfried Niedeck doubts that the terrorists intended to let the plane crash over Lockerbie. He speculates that the plane either 1) should explode over the Irish Sea or 2) that the terrorists intended to blow up the plane when on the tarmac at Heathrow. But they confused it due to the different time zones. He merely speculates. To that a wrong animation is shown according to which it was a flight from Frankfurt to the USA. (One of the minor errors in the film).

At 16:30

- Wilhelm Dietl tells: I know (from the stasi archives) of the cooperation between the GDR/Stasi and arab governments, arab intelligence organizations. They were invited to the GDR for training courses, starting with Marxism-Leninism and ending with exercises with handgrenades.

At 18:45

- Wilhelm Dietl denies the possibility that the Stasi was involved in the Lockerbie case: “The GDR was not in the terror bussiness”, he says.

All in all it is a fine documentary (with tiny errors) that shows us the main absurdities of the case but does not strongly advocate any special alternative theory.

This service is free of charge for all truth-seeking human beings.

See also the sister version for Brits BBC Conspiracy Files: Lockerbie. Some interesting comparisons could be made between the two versions. For example, with Germans watching this version, where's Bogomira Erac?

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