Video: The Maltese Double Cross

Last update March 23 2010

Produced, written, and directed by Allan Francovich, Hemar Enterprises, November 1994. A better resolution version (but harder to embed) is viewable and downloadable here.

Alan Francovich directs a classic, epic ... thing ... a two-hour plus collection of questions, speculations, hoaxsters, genuine hardcore info, nice B-roll, some poetry, and prank calls (??) all mixed together. Postulated a German drugs route connection ala Coleman/Aviv. A must see, but best taken with a grain of salt.

For those looking for a searchable transcript, the Nader Library has one, but it's spotty.

What do you think of this movie? It was pretty much banned all over. Because it was full of lies? Because it was full of truth? Because it was full of lies but "they" wanted us to think it was full of truth? Some wonder about Frankovich's untimely demise in 1997. Comments are open below. 

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