Lockerbie/Pan Am 103 Videos

last update 15 Feb 2011

Presented in approximate chronological order:

ABC News coverage, Feb 1989
PFLP-GC's Khreesat bombs suspected and ... Iran? Early forensics, SIO Orr on "painstaking" work, etc. Interesting viewing, as long as they have it up. Investigators were reasonably sure the bomb had come from Frankfurt due to the luggage container damage. Some good images of this.

Why Lockerbie?/Tragedy of Pan Am 103 Nove/Dec 1990
An article with links to video clips and a trailer - the semi-legendary "Granada Docudrama," re-aired by HBO, and its role in the transition from PFLP-GC to Malta, and later to Libya. A Fascinating story.

The Maltese Double Cross Nov. 1994
Alan Francovich directs a classic, epic ... thing ... a two-hour plus collection of questions, speculations, hoaxsters, genuine hardcore info, nice B-roll, some poetry, and prank calls (??) all mixed together. Postulated a German drugs route connection ala Coleman/Aviv.

BBC Dispatches / CBS 60 Minutes 1999/2000
Extremely similar in content and interviewees, these two solid programs are treated together.

Flight Into Darkness Aljazeera. 2007

Video: Air Crash Investigation 2008
Written by the Tom Thurman fan club? Some corny reconstructions of the evidence, nothing new to experts but half-accurate on technical aspects for the novices.

The Conspiracy Files: Lockerbie 2008
Slickly produced, informative, manipulative video that can't be missed for all the kinds of clues it offers both to the case and the perpetuation of the Anglo-American mythos.

Video: Der Anschlag von Lockerbie Mythos und Wahrheit 2008
Sort of a German sister version of the above BBC show, features much of the same stuff, but extra (German) experts, whole other side-tracks, no Bogomira Erac, and no subtitles. Excellent animation, some passages translated at the post.

Video: Tegenlicht: Lockerbie Revisited Early 2009
Famous for the controversy over whether or not the timer fragment was moved too much or messed with in the US. Dutch language and non-English subtitles. Only the English speakers are understandable to same.

Channel 4 News: Lockerbie Claims. Sept 2 2009. A decent re-hash of outstanding questions centered around MSP Christine Grahame's staements in Scottish Parliament about the new identity, under US protection, of likely Lockerbie bomber "Abu Elias."

Newsnight: Flaws in Key Lockerbie Evidence, Jan 2010
Better questions about the suspect timer fragment - lack of forensics testing, and new 20X confirmed forensics tests indicating it should not have survived at all in that type of explosion. This makes up for the Conspiracy Files.

Lockerbie Bomber: Sent Home to Die  August 2010
Made by STV, Scotland, this is slick like the Conspiracy Files, but harder, tighter, more deceptive, and far less informative. My lengthy review can be read here.

Scottish Parliament, appeals committee, 9 November 2010
This awesome presentation by Jim Swire, Robert Black, Iain MacKie, Pat Keegans, Robert Forrester, and Christine Grahame surrounds the 1646-signature-strong petition to re-examine Megrahi's conviction. Some eloquest and thought-provoking discussion. App. 50 minutes, in four parts, collected at above link.

Gauci on al-Megrahi My own first Lockerbie video, posted on Youtube Dec. 12-14 2010.

And a second one, Two hard cases solve another, on the evidence of John Bedford and the possibility the bomb started in London, not Malta.


baz said...

May I also recommend (1) the BBC2 Correspondent documentary "The Other Lockerbie" (an investigation of the Vincennes Incident (2)Part II of Peter Taylor's BBC series "The Age of Terror" - titled "Ten Days in October" which deals with the Eniskillen massacre and the seizure of the Eksund ("Lockerbie" is unmentioned but clearly of relevance) (3) the John Ashton directed "World in Action" documentary featuring Professor Black which was broadcast on the eve of the trial which I suggest may have rubbed their Lordships up the wrong way and (4) the BBC broadcast of the 1994 Dimbleby Lecture given by MI5 director Stella Rimington "Security and Democracy Is There a Conflict?"

Caustic Logic said...

Well, mostly I was dealing with videos people can watch on the Internet. Some of those might be worth picking up, if used and cheap. ABC News also had a program on the Vincennes, while we're at it, a sister program to Newsweek's Sea of Lies, from 1992. I could insert and list these in the post, but then if we're getting tangential, it could swell and get unmanageable. Listed in the comments will do for now. Feel free to mention any others people might benefit from Hunting down.

baz said...

I suspect the ABC news programme and the BBC Correspondent may be one and the same. Consultant on the Correspondent programme was Lieutenant Colonel David Evans whose paper on "The Vincennes Incident" appears to be the basis of the Newsweek "Sea of Lies" story.

My most valued piece of film is an extract from a 1993 BBC Inside Story film to plug Terry Waite's memoirs "Taken on Trust" in which a meeting or confrontation is arranged in Waite's Cambridge rooms with Oliver North. At this meeting North describes Waite as "the only living person I have ever met who had direct access to the hostage-takers." I find those words to be of the most enormous significance.