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BBC Dispatches, 1999
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"The Lockerbie Trail" Director: Greg Lanning. Reporter: David Jessel. Producers: Phillip Wearne, Steve Haywood, John Ashton. BBC 4. First aired December 1998.

CBS 60 Minutes.
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These two programs are almost point-for-point on content with each other. I'm not sure if Joohn Ashton helped with the second one as with the first. They're not bad, with most issues dealt with quite well. Professor Robert Black is interviewed, expressing doubts over the case. Fhimah's diary entry "get taggs" is covered well in both. The lack of evidence for an unaccompanied bag from Malta is well-established.

One interesting point I must note is the performance in both videos of Major Owen Lewis. I learned that he was involved in successful appeals of terrorism cases based on the sham science of Allen Feraday - he was also brought into support the Megrahi defense apparently, but here is flat wrong. (Dispatches,  16:44 60 Minutes, 8:40) His opinion of the "true edge" and "different curve" is accepted by the program for some reason - this board is similar but not the same, not part of the same batch. I made the image at left myself, by making an outline of the surface of the fragment as found in 1989, and as shown again later (in color, that odd too-blue green) beneath it. It's clearly a match but with the top sliver cut off at one point between. Tom Thurman says just this (Dispatches 19:38) and strangely, comes off looking like the credible one here.  

Dispatches, 14:55, Edwin Bollier of the timer's makers, MEBO, speaks of the rough saw marks evident in a pixelated photo of the corner curve. Further proof for Edwin that the fragment "does not come from one of the timers we sold to Libya." For 60 Minutes (7:45), he says the soldering on the board is too rough, to the same effect - it wasn't Libyan. It was one of the two (brown-coated) handmade prototypes sold to the Stasi, he insists.  I'm not impressed with the free reign Edwin was given in these videos, given his deep history with this case and rejection of the much better MST-13 frame-up scenario implicitly advanced by an Owen Lewis colleague, Dr./Lt/ Col. John Wyatt.

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