Primary Suitcase Fragments: Graphics

May 6 2010
last edits 21 September

This post is just to show a new graphic I like. Eddie of Ed's Blog City tipped me off that a photo I already had was of suitcase debris, which I'd been struggling to visualize (I thought it was damaged clothing. This seems to be the "photograph 49" referred to in trial questioning of Dr. Thomas Hayes of RARDE. Corbis Images has a version viewable here, and some site has a Corbis-stamped copy. The restrictions at that first link sound fierce, ad I'm not even sure I'm allowed to do what I did, which is trace my own, separate original, image from it.
(free to re-use)

No interior detail, but it's the shape and size of these 40 fragments. There are other chunks not shown - a number of smaller shards of shell plastics, and fabric-lined cardboard from the divider in the middle of the suitcase. Hmmm... wasn't the bomb in the middle? PI/68 in the lower right corner is the one sample of these in photo 49. PI/911, the monster at upper left is specially covered in detail in a separate post - Dr. Hayes at first felt it was on the floor of the container, which would make it other than the bomb suitcase. I think he might have been correct before changing his mind.

The color coding is based on Dr. Hayes' final report, describing each item by number and giving its material composition. So that's value added. Darker brown is hard shell plastics, tan is liner fabric, gold is rubber bumper trim, and gray is metal from the middle - latch parts and frame bits. It's less clear here than in the photo, but Hayes agrees PI/1806 is from the case's rounded corner. PK/1310A is thin lining cloth, not case plastic. It's amazingly large, 20 inches long, nearly the entire width of the case.

The slightly darkened area of the backdrop is the 22x26" size of the original suitcase this came from. Note this is well under even half of a suitcase. The frame runs all the way around it originally, as does the trim. The handle, the other half... Which half is this? Some of each? Why such variability in size? Many smaller pieces yet were never found and here are pieces a foot square. 20 inches of uninterrupted lining fabric? Cardboard?

The other suitcase that Bedford saw?

Update 21 Sept.
The following graphic shows all the largest fragments above, to approximate scale with the damaged floor of container AVE4041. The dark outline is primary-style case in floor position, the light one would be the bomb case stackedabove it and slid left into the "overhang" section. The span of lining, PK/1310A, has been draped across the area for reference. The other fragents are all just set above, again approximately to scale. (edit - looking again, I madeall the cunks a bit too big - about five or maybe ten percent too big. The concept is the same though - nearly 1/2 suitcase recovered, mostly in very large chunks)

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