Announcement: Crimes Against Reality in Libya

March 29 2011
last update April 17 2011

I've been active in trying to keep figuring things out, just behind the scenes and off the subject of the Lockerbie case. Having developed an interest in Libya and its framing for that atrocity for mysterious but surely good reasons, I was bound to take a skeptical interest in the protests-turned-civil war unfolding there now.

Events are moving far too fast for me to keep up with my job and other pressures taking up so much time, but here, finally, I'm able to erect a "masterlist" for Crimes Against Reality in Libya, with three solid articles so far.

a series, Crimes Against Reality in Libya, hosted on my older blog The 12/7-9/11 Treadmill and Beyond. This site is dedicated to select alleged false flag operations and other mass-scale, usually war-related, state deceptions. It's the right place for these and the other mental bombshells I have half-planned.


Grendal said...
Thought you might be interested in this, Adam.
So who ARE the Libyan rebels?

felix said...

That's some link. Thanks Grendal.
Recommended reading

Caustic Logic said...

Much-delayed response:

It's an informative article, but Tarpley isn't the most trustworthy, so I'd recommend double-checking things. Some parts I can verify are fairly solid, having already worked a lot of the al Qaeda angle into an article "Terrorists 1 and 2! Ah, I see you've met!" It's certainly odd how many parallels with Yugoslavia are going on here. The CIA and al Qaeda have worked well together both there and in Libya, for one thing.