Prof. Black: "Ten Years of Injustice"

February 1 2011

I can't believe I missed marking it here after meaning to for months, but yesterday was the ten-year anniversary of the Camp Zeist (Kamp van Zeist) verdict: Guilty for Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, not guilty for Lamin Fhimah, in the bombing of Pan Am 103. The man with no known accomplice was verified in the guilt first bestowed on him with the indictments of November 1991. These we now know were issued on top of evidence and methods that were dubious, mystery-laden, deep-tissue-massaged, and outright purchased. Just how three wizened Scottish lords could bring themselves to confirm - unanimously - that tissue of lies with the stamp of Scottish Justice is a great mystery of the 21st Century.

Professor Robert Black, for the few who don't know, is a chief legal mover in establishing that trial. At his blog The Lockerbie Case, he's just posted a great little commentary to mark
Ten years of injustice. In it, he quotes Justice For Megrahi campaign secretary Robert Forrester, addressing the Scottish government's continued refusal to launch in investigation into the Camp Zeist affair. I find myself heartened in a solemn way that's almost "chilled" by his cryptic words to the Sunday Post.
"If we have to, we will go to the next resort which will be very public and not Scottish. [...] If it's successful, the Scottish authorities won't be able to say no -- they'll have to do what they're told."

Read more there. Great comments.

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